Are You READY to Get What You Want from Life?

No more struggle. No more pain. No more being at the mercy of other people and circumstances beyond your control.

What Are You Looking For?

If you could choose what you experience in life - what would that be?

If you had a magic wand, what would you change in your life right now?

 What would you choose to feel? What would you choose to be? What would you choose to have? What would you choose to do? And what would you choose to experience?

 The truth is, none of us arrived in this life with a "user's manual" - which means we've been blundering along, reacting to life happening to us, instead of being able to take over the controls and choose our experiences.... until now! 

It's time to Take Your Power back!

Here's How Your Subconscious Childhood Memories are Determining What You're Experiencing in Your Life Today

Watch the video below for a brief (7-minute), fun overview:


Pricing options based on access - from one-month access to Lifetime access.

What You'll Get

Here's what you'll get from this Full Introductory Course:

  • Clear, detailed, easy-to-understand explanations of exactly how your subconscious works

  • The science behind Childhood Memory Transformation

  • Full details and instructions on how to change your own subconscious programming to support what you want in your life now

  • Videos with tips and guidance

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Daily Exercises to increase your Emotional Fitness

  • Optional Discussions with Other Students

  • Downloadable Audio Guides

  • Detailed Instructions on ALL of the CMT Techniques

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Welcome! Read This First!
    • Copy of Instructions
  • 2
    The Truth About Subconscious Childhood Memories
    • Chapter Overview
    • The Truth About Subconscious Childhood Memories
    • The Difference Between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind
    • How Childhood Experiences Determine Success and Challenges
    • THIS is Why We Change Adverse Childhood Memories!
  • 3
    The Science Supporting the CMT Process
    • Chapter Overview
    • Can We Change Adverse Childhood Memories? The Science Behind CMT
    • Neuroscientist Moran Cerf Explains the Nature of Memories - and Changing Them
    • Dr. Joe Dispenza on Exactly What Happens in Your Brain - the Thought-Chemical-Emotional Connection and the Subconscious
    • Understanding Emotions
  • 4
    An Introduction to Childhood Memory Transformtion (CMT)
    • Chapter Overview
    • What is Childhood Memory Transformation (CMT)?
    • Components of CMT
    • Can Memories Really Be Changed?
    • How You Know You CAN Change Your Childhood Memories
    • How it Works
    • But That's Not What Really Happened!
    • Understanding the Subconscious Mind and Childhood Memories
    • What is a Touchstone Memory?
  • 5
    Emotional State Conditioning (ESC)
    • Chapter Overview
    • What is the Emotional State Conditioning Program?
    • Why Use the ESC (Emotional State Conditioning) Program?
    • The Effects of ESC on Your Brain and Body
    • The Aim of the ESC Program
    • The Power of ESC - Dealing with Anger and Hatred
    • Starting the ESC Program
    • Audio Introduction to ESC
    • Read This Before Starting Level One
    • ESC Level One: Beginner
    • Audio Guide - Beginner's Exercise
    • In the Meantime...
    • eBook: Developing Emotional Superpower
  • 6
    How to Change Adverse Childhood Memories
    • Chapter Overview
    • How to Change Adverse Childhood Memories - Step-by-Step
    • ESC for Changing Negative Memories - Audio Guide
    • Master Your Emotions Superpower Course
  • 7
    The Due Justice Technique
    • Chapter Overview
    • What is The Due Justice Technique?
    • How the Due Justice Technique Works
    • How to Use The Due Justice Technique
    • Due Justice Technique vs Therapeutic Unsent Letter
    • Resistance to The Due Justice Technique
    • Due Justice Technique - Frequently Asked Questions
  • 8
    Rewriting Generational Childhoods
    • Chapter Overview
    • Introduction to Rewriting Generational Childhoods
    • Instructions for Rewriting Generational Childhoods
    • Meditation for Rewriting Generational Childhood - Video Version
    • Meditation for Rewriting Generational Childhood - Audio Version (Downloadable)
  • 9
    Blueprint Visualization
    • Chapter Overview
    • What is Blueprint Visualization?
    • Instructions for Blueprint Visualization
    • Adding Connection to Your Blueprint Visualization
  • 10
    Zero Tolerance
    • Chapter Overview
    • An Introduction to "Zero Tolerance"
    • How to Use "Zero Tolerance"
  • 11
    Conscious Realignment
    • Chapter Overview
    • Introduction to Conscious Realignment
    • Using Conscious Realignment
    • The Difference Between Conscious Realignment and Blueprint Visualization
  • 12
    ESC - Level Two - Intermediate
    • Chapter Overview
    • ESC Level Two: Intermediate - Exercise 1
    • Audio Guide - Intermediate Exercise 1
    • ESC Intermediate - Exercise 2
    • Audio Guide - Intermediate Exercise 2
    • ESC Intermediate - Exercise 3
    • Audio Guide - Intermediate Exercise 3
  • 13
    ESC Level Three - Expert
    • Chapter Overview
    • ESC Level Three: Expert - Exercise 1
    • Audio Guide - Expert Exercise 1
    • ESC Level Three: Expert Exercise 2
    • Audio Guide - Expert Exercise 2
    • ESC Expert - Exercise 3
  • 14
    ESC Level Four: Master
    • Chapter Overview
    • ESC Level Four: Master
  • 15
    Resources Library
    • How to Change Core Beliefs
    • How to Stay On Track When the Going Gets Tough
    • List of Ideas for Changing Your Chemical State:
    • Daily Checklist


  • Odille Remmert

    Odille Remmert

    Odille is an empowerment coach, author, and inspirational speaker, specializing in subconscious reprogramming. Having dramatically turned her own life around - personally, professionally, and financially, Odille has worked with clients, worldwide, helping them to do the same. The work Odille has done with her husband, Steve Remmert, has culminated in a Powerful new modality: Childhood Memory Transformation (CMT). Odille particularly loves working with groups, teaching others how to get into the driver's seat of their lives. With a passion for the brain, and not only understanding how the mind works but being able to explain it in a clear, accessible way, Odille loves writing on the subject as well as working directly with clients.
  • Steve Remmert

    Steve Remmert

    Steve is a certified psychotherapist who specializes in subconscious reprogramming. Together with his wife, Odille Remmert, Steve co-created the new modality: Childhood Memory Transformation (CMT) Up until 2016, Steve suffered from a life-long debilitating anxiety. On good days, it was a background, low-level anxiety; on bad days he was often unable to leave the end of the couch. Having successfully transformed his life by changing his own subconscious reprogramming, resulting in a happier, healthier, more rewarding life, Steve's passion is empowering his clients to achieve the same level of success.