What is the FTSR Business Success Mentoring Program?

We believe in YOU.

The AIM of the FTSR Business Success Mentoring Group:

  • We believe that all practitioners can build a successful practice, making their living, doing what they love and bringing more love, light, compassion and empowerment to the world. 
  • We've made a lot of mistakes, and tested a lot of strategies and methods for building our business. There have been times when we didn't know what to do, or whether we would be able to make a living doing what we love so much. 
  • We found the paths that worked, and now, we are excited to teach you how to do the same!
  • It's not easy, but it absolutely IS possible! 
  • Our attitude is: If it's not fun, we're not doing it. And if we HAVE to do it, we'll find a way to make it fun!
  • Our goal is to help you to find the fun as well as the success by sharing with you what we've found works!

Benefit From:

  • A supportive, private community, where you can get feedback, support, and encouragement as you connect with, and learn from other like-minded practitioners
  • Learn skills, tips, techniques, and strategies for getting more clients, increasing your income, and developing the business you dream of! See the Checklists below for some of the topics included
  • Two live 90-minute group sessions per month (and the recordings of those sessions)
  • A full online support platform - with resources, lessons, and information, categorized into topics, for easy access to tools, tips, video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and more. 
  • A private Facebook Group to connect with fellow practitioners - get support, ideas, feedback on your ideas, your questions answered, and share in the inspiration and encouragement.
  • An opportunity to collaborate with other practitioners, working together, using the skills you have and enjoy, and benefiting from the skills others have and enjoy

Assignments and Accountability:

As we go through the curriculum, we will set optional assignments that will help you to take "real-world" action in your business - making sure that you are using the skills and techniques you're learning, in "real-life".

For example:

After the chapter on learning to write blogs and articles quickly and easily (while enjoying it! ;) ) - we will invite you to go away and write your first blog post or article (with ideas for topics and step-by-step instructions) - and then, share your drafts in the private Facebook group for feedback and input from the community.

After the chapter on creating videos, we will invite you to create your first video, and then share it in the private Facebook group, for feedback from the community. 

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We Can't Wait to Work with You!

As soon as you've signed up, let us know what you need help with - we're here to make sure that you have everything you need, to make your business success dreams come true! :)
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Topics Include:

  • getting more clients

  • social media strategies

  • choosing a niche

  • writing blogs and articles - quickly and easily (and ways to ENJOY it! ;) )

  • creating your own YouTube Channel

  • tips and tricks on using videos to build your business

  • getting past the self-doubts, fears, resistance, "impostor syndrome" - and any other obstacles that are keeping you from building your business

  • video editing

  • clearing the subconscious blocks to moving forward to creating the success you want

  • time-management

  • building a mailing list

  • dealing with "difficult" clients

  • creating online courses

  • becoming comfortable with charging fair fees

  • building and maintaining your own following

  • assignments and accountability (optional) - to help you stay on track

  • and so much more (we'll be asking you what else you would like us to address)

Start Moving Your Business Forward Today!

The sooner you start, the sooner you reach your goals!

Be sure to let us know what you would like help with, and what your current challenges are, so that we can help you to reach your goals as quickly and smoothly as possible - with as much Fun as possible! :)
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Your Business Success!
    • Welcome!
    • Contents of This Course
  • 2
    Live Calls and Recordings of Live Calls
    • Link to Live Call - April 27th
    • Recording of Live Call - February 15th
    • Recording of Live Call - February 23rd
    • Recording of Live Call - March 8th
    • Recording of Live Call - March 23rd 2019
    • Recording of Live Call - April 12th 2019
    • Recording of Live Call - April 27th 2019
  • 3
    Foundation Principals
    • Introduction to Our Foundation Principals for Success
  • 4
    • 1. Setting the Coordinates
    • 2. Clearing the Fears, Doubts, and Blocks
    • 3. Finding Your Unique Voice
  • 5
    Quick, Easy, Powerful Writing
    • Anyone Can Write Powerful Content!
    • Clearing Writing Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
    • Never Sit Down To Write Unless...
    • Coming Up with Ideas for Writing
    • Making Writing Easy - A, B, C
    • The Antidote to Writing Fatigue
    • Optional Accountability Assignment - Write Your First Blog Post or Article!
  • 6
    Choosing a Niche
    • Do You Really Need to Choose a Niche?
    • Choosing a Niche - Step One
    • Choosing a Niche - Step Two
    • Choosing a Niche - Step Three
  • 7
    Quick, Easy and Enjoyable Blog and Article Writing
    • Why Write Blogs and Articles?
    • What to Write - Coming Up with Ideas, Easily
    • Platforms and Sharing
  • 8
    Tips for Staying Focused
    • Tips for Staying Focused: 1
    • Tips for Staying Focused: 2
    • Tips for Staying Focused: 3
    • Tips for Staying Focused: 4
    • Tips for Staying Focused: 5
    • If You're Still Struggling to Stay Focused...
  • 9
    Getting More Clients - Setting Up a System that Works
    • Setting Your Coordinates
    • Should You Offer Free Sessions or Tasters - What Works and What Doesn't Work?
    • Free Calls Work, But Only If...
    • Establishing Your Current Position
    • Just Starting Out / Haven't Started Yet
    • Got Some Momentum
    • En Route
    • Creating a Support System for Clients
    • What Happens When No-One Responds?
    • Paperwork (agreements) - Templates
    • Getting Testimonials
    • Free Call Record Template
  • 10
    Mailing List and Freebies
    • Creating a Freebie to Build Your Mailing List
    • Ideas for Freebies
    • An Example Freebie
    • How to Set Up an Automated Email in Mailchimp to Deliver Your Freebie
  • 11
    Creating MP3 Podcasts and Audio Guides
    • Why Create MP3 Files... and What Are They, Anyway?
    • How to Create an MP3 - Step-by-Step - SCRIPTING
    • How to Create an MP3 - Step-by-Step - RECORDING
    • How to Create an MP3 - Step-by-Step - EDITING
    • How to Create an MP3 - Step-by-Step - ADDING MUSIC or SOUND EFFECTS
    • How to Create an MP3 - Step-by-Step - CONVERTING TO MP3
  • 12
    Making the Most of Social Media
    • Why Use Social Media?
    • How to Use Social Media Effectively, with Authenticity - and the Hidden Pitfalls!
    • Making Social Media Fun
    • Quick, Easy, Powerful Social Media Posts
  • 13
    Creating Videos and a Successful YouTube Channel
    • Laying the Foundations for a Successful YouTube Channel
    • Structuring Your Videos for Success
    • SEO for YouTube
    • Keyword Tools
  • 14
    Video Production
    • Getting Comfortable On Camera - Addressing Resistance and Finding Your Voice and Style
    • What to Say - Ideas for Topics and Easy Ways to Come Up with Powerful Content
    • The Easiest Way to Create Consistent Content for Your YouTube Channel
    • Playing with Green Screen - It's Easier Than You May Think! ;)
    • How to Create Fun Animated Videos
  • 15
    Creating Online Courses
    • Creating a Mini-eCourse – Step-by-Step
    • Recommended Course Platforms
    • The Thing That Leveled Us Up in Online Courses!!
  • 16
    Creating Products and Residual Income
    • Coming Up with Ideas for Products - Brainstorming and Creativity
    • Overcoming the Technical Stuff
    • Creating Valuable eBooks - Quickly, Easily, and Enjoyably!
    • Creating Powerful Online Courses
  • 17
    • Start Making Income Now, While Building Your Business
    • Recommended Reading
  • 18
    Finance Matters - Increasing Your Income
    • Becoming Comfortable with Charging a Fair Price
    • Increasing Your Income by Creating More Value - Without Burning Yourself Out
    • What is a "Funnel"? And How You Can Create One with Authenticity
  • 19
    Finance Matters - Managing Your Finances
    • The Four Accounts
    • Adjusting Your Focus on Taxes
    • Making Finances Fun
Note: Content is being released as it becomes available, and we are adding to it, daily. If there's anything you need that is a priority for you, and is not yet available, please let us know, and we will prioritize it.