Full Transformation in 90 Days

Work with us for 90 Days and watch your life blossom into full transformation.
If not NOW, then when? :)

The Program Includes:

  • An Initial 2-Hour one-to-one Kick-start Session
  • Weekly 1-hour one-to-one sessions
  • A monthly group workshop with other participants of the program (hosted by both Odille and Steve)
  • The Superpower Course
  • An online Academy Course with daily podcasts and daily accountability to help you stay on-track between sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Reminder and inspirational emails, twice a week - to help keep you inspired, motivated, encouraged, and on-track
  • New tips, tools, and techniques designed to keep you moving forward to get the results you want

CHOOSE A or B - In 90 Days from now, you can:
a) Achieve Star Status by feeling happier, healthier and stronger, so that you can Stand INSIDE your own personal power.  
b) OR, you can remain stuck where you are now, or worse off...

What will your life be like, once you've achieved the results you want? How will you feel, and what will you be doing and enjoying? The answer, EVERYTHING!

If you are willing to step up and make the decision to TRANSFORM your life, then this is your chance! We only have room for 11, proactive action takers. Don't be left out, again... DO THIS NOW! Your life depends on it!

So, if you really want results, there's no reason to continue to struggle, this is your chance.

90-Day Personal Best Challenge 

Spread payment over 3 easy payments of $1,997

Get Started TODAY for just $1,997!!

We'll do everything we can to help you to overcome resistance, deal with daily challenges, and get the changes and results you want to get - but we can't take the action for you. You need to take that first step, and we'll be here to help you get to where you want to be.




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